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Now Recording: “Handy Manny”


Soundworks is in the process of recording dialogue and music vocals for 17 all-new 22-minutes episodes of Disney’s hit show, “Handy Manny“. Six of these will comprise 3 double-length specials (à la the “Motorcycle Adventure” and “Big Construction Job” episodes).

In addition to the regular cast, new and returning guest stars will include Ed O’NeillJane LynchMarion RossHarold PerrineauGeorge TakeiHenry WinklerRebecca RomijnPenn JilletteFreddy RodriguezFlorence Henderson, and America Ferrera.

While these episodes are expected to air in 2012 (on Disney’s recently launched “Disney Junior” network), some new episodes will be appearing throughout 2011 (check your local listings). Also, be sure to check out the Disney Junior YouTube Channel and the main Disney Junior site for full videos and info.


Handy Manny Music Video: “You Break It, We Fix It”

(via Disney Junior’s YouTube channel)


Below, you can see a few photos taken during one of our recent Handy Manny recording sessions. Coincidentally, we were privileged to be recording three 1970’s icons (Henry Winkler as “Mr. Diller”, Marion Ross as “Mrs. Lopart” and Florence Henderson as “Aunt Ginny”) all on the same day, so we were more than pleased to document the occasion.


(L to R: Florence Henderson, Series Voice-Director Maria Estrada, and Marion Ross)

(Henry Winkler and Marion Ross)

2010 Recap

To get things started, here is a (relatively) quick rundown of 2010 Soundworks highlights. Feel free to follow the links for more info.


On the animation front, we continued recording dialogue and ADR for Seasons 1 & 2 of Nickelodeon’s “Bubble  Guppies”, dialogue and ADR recording for Season 2 of the hit show “Olivia”, dialogue and music (vocal) recording for Warner Bros.’ upcoming feature-length “Tom & Jerry Meet the Wizard of Oz”, dialogue recording and post-production mixing for the pilot episode of Disney’s upcoming “Oki’s Oasis” (featuring Mandy Moore), and dialogue recording for new episodes of the hit show “Handy Manny”.


Continuing our long-standing relationship with Walt Disney Records, Soundworks put it’s stamp on many Disney releases in 2010. Jeff was busy remastering and restoring a handful of classics – notably, the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack, released to coincide with the Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD. We also continued our work recording, mixing and mastering for the Disney Karaoke series, including the Camp Rock 2 and Phineas and Ferb releases. Last, but not least, we mixed and sound-designed every entry in Disney’s ever-popular, multimedia “Read-Along” series – a handful of which are now available as iPhone or iPad applications. Notable entries include Toy Story 3, Tangled, Bambi, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Cinderella, and Winnie the Pooh (upcoming 2011).


In the realm of commercials and promos, we had a banner year. In cooperation with our old friend, producer Bill Sussex (of Radio Island Inc.), we mixed many a radio spot for the Fox network. Hear a radio commercial for “Glee” in 2010? Yup, that was us. As usual, our good friends & associates over at NuContext kept us perpetually busy – mixing countless promo spots and commercials for Lifetime, USA Network, The Disney Channel, Syfy, Fuse, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Teen Nick, Universal HD, Chiller, SoapNet, IFC, Sleuth, and The Hub networks. Check out samples from Fuse’s recent “This Video Sucks” campaign for the Foo Fighters and Disney Channel’s “Camp Rock 2” campaign.


Producer and Director Marc Handler was in the studio recording ADR with engineer David Veneziano, for the animé series “Mixmaster: Final Force”.  Together, they recorded ADR for 39  22-minute episodes comprising the upcoming season. Below is a 10-minute preview from episode 6.


Following up our successful work on the motion-comics, “Superman: Red Son” (dialogue recording), and “Batgirl: Year One” (recording, music composition and full audio post) – Soundworks recorded dialogue for D.C.’s “Jonah Hex” motion-comics series, released in conjunction with the major-motion-picture. Check out the trailer below.


In the video-game scene, we are proud to have worked on recording and editing a massive amount of dialogue for Bethesda Softworks’ “Fallout: New Vegas”. Additionally, we worked on a wide variety of projects with our good friends over at Machinima – the ultimate TV network for the gaming community. We recorded dialogue for their Fable III and Online Underground webseries. In collaboration with our friends at Karactaz Animation, Machinima helped to produce the hilarious animated pilot, “Heel!” – which we had the great pleasure of recording, sound-designing and mixing. Rounding out our videogame-related works for 2010, we contributed audio-post for the live-action Youtube sensation “Bite Me” – which follows three videogame geeks contending with a real-life zombie outbreak. It’s a comedy – and no, it’s not for the kids.


Soundworks contributed full audio post for the 21 episode live-action web-series “Blue Belle”. Produced by 3 Minute Pictures, the series won Best Directing, Best Cinematography, and Best Drama Series awards at the L.A. Web Series Festival. Check out the trailer below, then watch the whole show over at 3 Minute Pictures.


So, those are the highlights. On to 2011! Check back often to see what we’ve been up to.


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