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Soundworks Wins an Award!

PlaqueBlueTopPanelAwardPlaque2014 Best of Burbank Awards for Film Production Services!

Recording Season 2 of How to Train your Dragon TV Series

We are so excited to be a small part of the dialogue recording for the second season of Dreamworks Dragons!

It was fantastic to have the gang back in the studio today.

We’ll keep you posted!


NEW! How to Train your Dragon TV series teaser

Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk

Watch the teaser for the new TV series of How to Train your Dragon from Dreamworks Animation!

Keep your eyes peeled  on Cartoon Network, new series airs on August 7th, 2012!


Arena Net’s Guild Wars 2

The Beta Weekend Event Ends Sunday 11:59PM Pacific Time

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Soundworks Dialogue Recording for Guild Wars 2 brought to you by some of our favorite people at Arena Net and Blindlight.

Get the latest news here

Disney’s Talking Friends

Watch Episode 1 of “Talking Friends: Attack of the Tech”

New from Disney Interactive and Karactaz Animation based on the popular app from Outfit 7!

Recorded by Dan Montes

Now Recording: ‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Series’


We are extremely excited to be recording dialogue for the first season of Dreamworks Animation‘s upcoming ‘How To Train Your Dragon‘ television series.  The show, based on the highly popular film, will air on Cartoon Network beginning in 2012.

While it is too far in advance of the show’s release for us to divulge any specifics, we can say that the show remains true to the spirit of the original film and will be sure to please fans of the movie’s unique blend of heart & humor.  Soundworks is tremendously proud to be collaborating with the outstanding creative team behind the production and we expect the show to be a huge hit with audiences worldwide.  You can check out the official press release here.  And below, you can watch a video with some helpful hints for dragon-training.


‘Tom & Jerry and The Wizard of Oz’


Soundworks is proud to announce the release of Warner Bros Animation‘s all-new feature-length film, ‘Tom & Jerry and the Wizard of Oz‘.  The movie follows everyone’s favorite cat-and-mouse duo as they travel to the land of Oz and join-in on the classic adventure that we all know and love.

The Soundworks staff had a tremendous amount of fun recording all of the dialogue, ADR and music vocals for the film, which is currently available to rent on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and other video-on-demand outlets. The Blu-ray/DVD release will be available in stores on August 23rd.

Directed by animation-wizard Spike Brandt, with casting and voice-direction by our close friend Maria Estrada, the film stars the extraordinary voice talents of Grey Delisle, Laraine Newman, Kath Soucie, Rob Paulsen, Michael Gough, Todd StashwickStephen Root, Frances Conroy and Joe Alaskey.

Follow the links to check out the trailer for the film over at Amazon or here on iTunes.

Disney Read-Alongs & Apps: ‘Cars 2′, ‘Tinker Bell’, ‘Finding Nemo’


Continuing Soundworks’ long-standing collaboration with Walt Disney Records and Disney Publishing Worldwide, we are pleased to announce the release of several new Read-Along books and iPad/iPhone Interactive Apps. These multimedia Disney products feature original audio produced by Soundworks, combined with dialogue clips from the actual movie cast members and music from the Walt Disney Records Music Library – to create a one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience.

First off, there is the ‘Cars 2 Read-Along‘. The book-and-CD package can be found at Amazon. The content of the Read-Along is digitally reformatted and combined with games & other interactive features for the ‘Cars 2 Storybook Deluxe‘ iPad App, which can be found here at iTunes. Check out the preview video of the App below.



Last year’s ‘Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue’ Read-Along has also just been released as an iPhone/iPad app, which can be found here at iTunes. Check out the preview video below.



Soundworks also had the pleasure of producing the audio for the recent ‘Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book‘ and ‘Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book‘ Apps, both of which can be found here.


Now Recording: “Handy Manny”


Soundworks is in the process of recording dialogue and music vocals for 17 all-new 22-minutes episodes of Disney’s hit show, “Handy Manny“. Six of these will comprise 3 double-length specials (à la the “Motorcycle Adventure” and “Big Construction Job” episodes).

In addition to the regular cast, new and returning guest stars will include Ed O’NeillJane LynchMarion RossHarold PerrineauGeorge TakeiHenry WinklerRebecca RomijnPenn JilletteFreddy RodriguezFlorence Henderson, and America Ferrera.

While these episodes are expected to air in 2012 (on Disney’s recently launched “Disney Junior” network), some new episodes will be appearing throughout 2011 (check your local listings). Also, be sure to check out the Disney Junior YouTube Channel and the main Disney Junior site for full videos and info.


Handy Manny Music Video: “You Break It, We Fix It”

(via Disney Junior’s YouTube channel)


Below, you can see a few photos taken during one of our recent Handy Manny recording sessions. Coincidentally, we were privileged to be recording three 1970’s icons (Henry Winkler as “Mr. Diller”, Marion Ross as “Mrs. Lopart” and Florence Henderson as “Aunt Ginny”) all on the same day, so we were more than pleased to document the occasion.


(L to R: Florence Henderson, Series Voice-Director Maria Estrada, and Marion Ross)

(Henry Winkler and Marion Ross)

Now Recording: ‘Red Faction: Armageddon – The Machinima Miniseries’

Soundworks is currently recording dialogue for Machinima’s upcoming ‘Red Faction: Armageddon‘ miniseries, based on the newest installment of the popular videogame. The story takes place 50 years after the previous chapter, following Darius Mason and the Mars colonists as they confront the threat of an evil alien race that has been unleashed on the planet. An action-packed production in it’s own right, the miniseries will function as a supplemental narrative, to be released in conjunction with the game. In addition to dialogue recording, the Soundworks team will be contributing full audio post for the series (sound design, mix, and music score).

Check out the game trailer below.



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